Friday, August 31, 2012

Hurricane update

On Wednesday night at 6pm, we lost power. We stayed at home that night. In the morning, Debbie had power so we packed up and went over there. We stayed Thursday and Friday.

Earlier in the day we went to the house to see if we had power and we did not. Patrick had to go back to the house tonight and there was power! So Saturday we'll make our way back home.

It was nice to be able to stay with AC but it'll be so nice to get back home.

The boys did pretty good with all the stuff going on. Alex kept asking to go home and he kept asking if the electricity was back.

Granny has made impressionable cinnamon rolls and Alex has asked for 2 days now for "cimanon rolls". We will feast on cimanon rolls tomorrow morning :)

As for the hurricane, we fared so so well compared to other family and friends. I have many friends who have damage. Some friends had flooding but most friends had roof damage and leaking.

Our town is surrounded by rivers, bayous, and a lake. The main part of town by the river had some pretty bad flooding. We drove through today and everyone was pulling furniture, carpet, sheetrock, etc. out of their homes and on the street. Most homes were raised but some were not. Unfortunately that is the price you pay to live close to water. Our home is a few miles from the river and close to the interstate and we had no flooding at all. The street looked absolutely normal. The only abnormalities in our neighborhood was the sweet hum of generators and pine tree branches littering the yards.

Driving through the cities, you can see downed trees and powerlines. It's so scary to realize the power of mother nature.

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