Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

Ross's first hurricane. Alex's 2nd or 3rd one.

What started out as a tropical storm, Hurricane Isaac wasn't considered a hurricane until shortly before landfall. It was supposed to be a small storm that went quickly but it turned out to be a real nuisance. I went to bed Tuesday night (8/28) expecting to awake to no power and the storm halfway through. I woke on the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (8/29) to find out that Isaac skirted west along the coastline and didn't really travel north during my 10 hours of slumber. This meant we got to spend extra time indoors because Isaac essentially stalled out.

One of my friends has at least a foot of water in her home :(

Surprisingly we managed to keep power, though we are prepared with a generator. The storm is probably half way through by now so we can still lose power, but I hope we don't.

The boys are behaving quite well since they've been indoors for a full 24 hours. I have a bad headache and the dogs are driving us insane.

Ross has a 100.3 temperature.  He got a rash on his legs Monday after daycare. They put him in another type of diaper and I thought that's what the rash was from. I still hope that's what it's from but now I'm wondering because of the high temp and all.

Here are some pictures from yesterday, before the wind and rain got bad.

This shot is really for the wind effect on the garden flag.

These beasts are in my front yard. I took this while laying in my grass.

I added that straight red line to show where the tree should be. I took this picture across the street in my neighbor's driveway.

Look at those curls!

And we couldn't leave out big brother.  He moved around so much I have very few pictures of him.

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