Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Silence is Over

Our summer was busy, busy, busy.

We started off going to the beach. The boys loved it. Alex loved chasing the waves and running back to the beach. Both boys loved the sand and they made sand castles every day.

I kept Alex home and sent Ross to daycare. We joined the YMCA and while I worked out, Alex went to the Y child care. After my workout, Alex and I went swimming. This summer, Alex learned how to swim!  He still needs to learn how to tread water so he can't swim where he can't reach the pool ground. He swims from the wall to me and from me to the wall. He also goes underwater to get toys and things.

Alex also learned how to ride a big boy bike. We took off his training wheels and while it took a few times for him to learn how to balance, he did it! I got a bike from my mom's and Alex and I hit a bike trail and he loved it!

We have been in and out of the doctors' offices all summer. Ross has had 3 ear infections and got a burn on his hand, Alex had a bacterial infection, I have a bump on my hand and have been referred to a hand specialist.

Alex has also seen doctors because I suspected he has ADHD. I was right and we have gone through 3 medicines and I think we finally found the correct one. I was so afraid he would lose his quirky personality and humor. He did not, though he's a bit subdued, it's better than him climbing me like a tree and running away from me in public. Medicine and diagnosis was difficult, though I didn't think it would be since I deal with kids with ADHD every day. Being a mother vs. a teacher is SO much more different. You second guess yourself, wonder if your behavior management went wrong somewhere, but now that we see what the medicine does and how much better he listens, we know we made the right decision.

I go back to work tomorrow, my students start Aug. 9. Alex will go to my school for Kindergarten but he starts Aug. 16, then Aug. 20. He is so excited. He got his lunch box and back pack and ever since, he is telling people he's already in Kindergarten. People will ask him, "Are you going to be in K or going to start K," and he says, "I already am in Kiddie Garden."  It's quite cute!

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