Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A new year brings new experiences

Alex's first organized sport....Soccer!

He loves it! He started off in the red shirt. Then he said he was tired and wanted to stop. Granny picked up a soccer shirt and we put that on him and he was ready to go again. The next day he wanted to wear the soccer shirt to school, we told him no because it was dirty. The following day he dug it out of the dirty clothes and wore it...pick your battles.  Some pictures are through plexi glass and are blurry.

Alex kept falling during the drills.

And here, he can't get the rhythm of it :)

Ross wants to get on the field so bad.

Alex's first goal. He was so proud, he turned around and said, "Hey guys, look at me, I made it!"

He kicked the ball through the coach's legs.

He hasn't understood that soccer doesn't require the use of your hands.

Setting up cones for a drill.

Ross found a new way to sit.

Check out his feet. He caught air. Way to freak out mommy...jump from the bleachers.

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