Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We went trick-or-treating. Alex as Thomas the Tank Engine, Ross as Batman. Ross stayed in his stroller and the first lollipop he got went straight in his mouth. Later he bit the wrapper off another lollipop and ate that, then ate pretzels, then had an entire Reese's pb cup in his mouth- foil, wrapper, and all. Then he wanted another lollipop and we took his pumpkin and he threw a fit.

Alex loved everything! He did so much better this year. Last year he was scared of all the scary costumes. This year he said they were fake and "it's just a man in there". He also asked people if they were strangers then told them he can't talk to strangers...yeah, still working on that.

I love the expression I caught. Every type of candy he got, he told the person, "oooh, that's my favorite."

This is how he rolled all night long. Didn't even try to get out. Notice the lollipop in hand!

Shirt from Granny. He wore this under his Batman get-up.
Here are some pictures from my phone.

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